vs. Self: Full album - CD (US Shipping Only)

vs. Self: Full album - CD (US Shipping Only)


My debut album vs. Self was described as “energetic and epic” and “transformative journeys of sound” by New York Music Daily and The Deli magazine, respectively. Released in 2017, my debut  recording features 9 original instrumental tracks, all recorded on a Martin HD-35 at Wooly Mammoth Studios in Waltham, MA. 


This is the page for a physical CD. The album is also available as an MP3 download (37 MB) or as a  24-Bit Studio Master WAV download (637 MB). Tabs are available for several tracks -- check the store for the latest updates!


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Track listing:

Lightness of Being

The Precipice

vs. Self


There Are No Young Forests




An End to Wandering


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