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R.D. King: Full album - CD (US Shipping Only)

R.D. King: Full album - CD (US Shipping Only)


My self-titled second album is a personal statement on the acoustic guitar.


All 12 tracks feature solo acoustic guitar and distinctive use of fingerpicks. Inspired by literature, philosophy, and psychology, these pieces explore a wide range of human experiences, including conflict, catharsis, and triumph. I've attempted to create a rich harmonic world by drawing on a wealth of influences from acoustic guitarists to progressive rock, heavy metal, and classical music.


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Antoine Dufour, this album is an immersive collection of emotionally captivating music.


This is the page for a physical CD. The album is also available for download on the Candyrat Records website. Tabs are available for several tracks -- check the store for the latest updates!


Note: Shipping is currently only available throughout the US. Consider one of the download options if you live internationally!


Track listing:


Rain and Ash

The Girl Who Rode the Wind

Anna's Waltz


City Solitude

We're Not Coming Back

Love Lingers


The Dying of the Light

Primordial Dawn



    Returns and refunds available only in the case of damage during shipping. Please contact for returns and refunds. 


    Shipping available across the continental United States by FedEx ground. Allow 10 business days. Consider one of the download options if you live internationally!

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