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Music changed my life. I'm passionate about helping it change yours.

My Teaching Philosophy

As a music educator, I believe that keeping lessons fun and making progress at the same time is not just possible, but essential.

I'm a classically trained, award-winning guitarist and an associate lecturer of music at UMass Boston. After playing music for over twenty years and teaching students of all ages and backgrounds, I know how challenging music is -- and how to cultivate joy to become the player you want to be.

Lessons topics include techniques, chords, songs, practice routines, music theory, songwriting and more. But music isn't just about the notes, it's also about learning to approach the challenges of life with patience, enthusiasm, and joy. 

Learn more about what I offer below, or reach out for a free consultation!


Wherever you are in your musical journey, I can help.


For students picking up guitar for the first time or those looking to improve their basic facility with picking,

chords, and songs.

Children's Guitar/Piano

The best time to start music is early! Children's lessons focus on creating a fun space to explore music while learning the fundamentals.


From rock to blues to jazz to heavy metal, I've taught just about every genre there is. Custom lessons materials built around the songs and techniques you want to learn.


Let's write music! We cover harmony, melody, rhythm, structure, and personal expression to help you write the music you hear within.

Advanced Fingerstyle

As an award-winning fingerstyle and classical guitarist, I've dedicated my life to the study of the genre. Let's take your playing to the next level.

Music Theory

For students looking to improve theory knowledge, we cover basic harmonic progressions to advanced four-part counterpoint to jazz theory.

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