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The Wandering Mind [1-Minute Wednesday #8]

My 1-Minute Wednesday series pairs a brief piece of music with a piece of thought-provoking text.


Creative energy lights from a restless mind. At the slightest provocation, our minds take joyous flight. We crash into ideas like electrons, spontaneously reactive, connecting everything and nothing. The nearly-random flitting of neurons produces beautifully true expressions, art, love, life.

But reconciling this inner nature with the demands of society is the work of a lifetime. How do we take this energy, this spirit, and cage it? For that’s what we must do each day. My mind rebels against the structure and obligation of everyday life. It yearns for the open skies, unfettered by to-do lists, emails, calendars.

Sometimes I rage bitterly against my tempestuous nature and search for some magical weapon to bring it to heel. But there is a beauty to it. Although my restless mind means I must often do battle to accomplish the simplest of tasks, I am proud of it, in a way. Even after years of struggling for the reins, the creative spirit is unsubdued, unceasing.


How do you make peace with your wandering mind? If you have any ideas of your own, please share them with me below or at Or find me on Facebook or Twitter.

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