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A River in the Dark [1-Minute Wednesday #10]

My 1-Minute Wednesday series pairs a brief piece of music with a piece of thought-provoking text.


We are forever bound to the forward nature of time. The most mystifying part of life is that we never know what will happen next. A curtain of darkness lies just at the edge of the present moment. Despite our best attempts to peer ahead by making life as rational and organized as possible, we cannot eliminate or even contain uncertainty.

Much of the time, the unknowing feeds our anxiety. Even so, if we truly knew what lay up ahead, if life was reduced to a single possibility, it would lose its most enchanting quality: that of the adventure. Our lives are filled with the suspense and drama of all great stories. For each moment is one of exploration and discovery.

If we approach life with the daring of pioneers and explorers, the unpredictability of life becomes a source of singular excitement. And as importantly, we align ourselves with the truth: that we are wandering down a river in the dark.


How do you approach the unknowable future of life? If you have any ideas of your own, please share them with me below or at Or find me on Facebook or Twitter.

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