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In Gratitude [1-Minute Wednesday #13]

My 1-Minute Wednesday series pairs a brief piece of music with a piece of thought-provoking text.


As individuals and as a society, we dwell on troubles and conflicts. The majority of our time is spent in anger and frustration. If I take a step back (and a deep breath) my truer perspective on life comes into focus. Do I face challenges and conflicts? Absolutely. But ultimately, I am still extremely fortunate. Tapping into gratitude takes practice, but it could not be more worthwhile.

Recently I have been feeling extremely grateful for all the amazing people in my life, for my part in this beautiful mysterious experiment in consciousness, and for the opportunity to express myself and share that music with the world.

Even with its pains and sorrows, life is such a tremendously inspiring experience. Each moment contains riches beyond all measure. For a rare moment I am excited not for the future but for the everlasting present.


What are you grateful for? If you have any ideas of your own, please share them with me below or at Or find me on Facebook or Twitter.

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